National elections, due in June 2021, provides opportunity to take important measures that will help address complex human rights issues
Daniel Bekele, Chief Commissioner of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, takes part in CSIS Africa panel for discussion on challenges to humanitarian access in Tigray
Slow progress to restore infrastructure, fully resume social, administrative services exposing residents, IDPs to further human rights violations
Latest investigative mission focused on Mekelle and Alamata, Mehoni and Kukufto cities in Southern Zone
EU expresses support to work of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
On International Zero Tolerance Against Female Genital Mutilation Day, EHRC calls for implementation of plans to eliminate harmful traditions, violence against women, girls
EHRC visits Kaliti Correctional Facility to monitor conditions of detention of Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Adane (Borena), Shemsedin Taha
EHRC senior advisor Albab Tesfaye speaks with BBC’s Focus on Africa about investigation into Maikadra massacre