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በመፈናቀል ምክንያት ከትምህርት ገበታ ውጪ የሆኑ ሕፃናት የትምህርት አገልግሎት እንዲያገኙ እና ወደ መደበኛ የትምህርት ሥርዓት እንዲመለሱ የሁሉንም ጥረት ይፈልጋል።

#Ethiopia🇪🇹 #HumanRightsForAll


As parties work to implement the Pretoria Cessation of Hostilities agreement, U.S. SEHOA Hammer discussed the importance of accountability and transitional justice with @EthioHRC Chief Commissioner @DanielBekele #Ethiopia #HumanRights

.@EthioHRC Chief Commissioner @DanielBekele intervention at the Interactive Dialogue on #Ethiopia🇪🇹 at the 52nd Session of the @UN_HRC

#HRC52 #HumanRightsForAll

Summary of the #Ethiopia interactive dialogue @UN_HRC 52nd session. The international commission of experts and members of the Council supported @EthioHRC & @UNHumanRights recommendations on transitional justice

#HumanRights Concept of the Week: Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

To #FightRacism, we all must:
📖 Learn
📣 Speak Up
🔧 Act


#Ethiopia #KeepWordSafe #HumanRights75

An all round global support @UN_HRC 52nd session for @EthioHRC & @UNHumanRights joint investigation and recommendations on transitional justice for truth, reparations, justice & guarantees of non-recurrence in #Ethiopia