The previously unreported attack occurred on March 2 in Metekel, in the Benishangul-Gumuz region, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said.
19 women detained with their young children in Metekel zone in connection with ongoing security interventions
Reported attack by armed groups in Emanj Kebele of Bulen Woreda between July 9 and July 10, 2021 killed at least 16 residents
Appointments in line with recently amended EHRC establishment Proclamation No. 1224/2020, followed public nomination process through independent nomination committee which included the participation of civil society representatives
EHRC calls for nationwide policies and efforts of recovery and rehabilitation of post-conflict areas to be child-centred
Sedal woreda, with estimated population of 25,000, comes under near full control of armed group
Together with war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity constitute the three established categories of atrocity crimes
Armed group shot at residents, set fire to homes, killing at least 100 people
Gruesome attack on a passenger bus results in killing of at least 34 people
Armed assailants kill at least 15 civilians in Metekel Zone in pre-dawn attack