Amhara region የተፈጸሙ ጥሰቶች የጦር ወንጀል ስለመሆናቸው አመላካች ሁኔታዎች አሉ
ኢሰመኮ በደረሱት መረጃዎች መነሻነት በአማራ ክልል የሰሜን ወሎ እና ደቡብ ጎንደር ዞኖች እንዲሁም በአንዳንድ የትግራይ ክልል ደቡባዊ አካባቢዎች በጦርነት አውድ ውስጥ የተፈጸሙ የሰብአዊ መብቶች እና የሰብአዊነት ሕግ ጥሰቶችን በተመለከተ ከነሐሴ 22 እስከ ነሐሴ 30 ቀን 2013 ዓ.ም. ምርመራ አካሂዷል። ይህ ሪፖርት የዚህ ምርመራ ውጤት ነው።
Amhara region The violations and abuses may amount to war crimes
The report covers the period between July and August 28, 2021. Conducted until September 5, 2021, the investigation mission held 128 interviews and 21 focus group discussions (FGDs) with survivors, victims, local civil administration and security officials, Civil society organizations (CSOs) and humanitarian organizations.
Report covered period from 3 Nov 2020 to 28 June 2021; joint probe conducted from 16 May to 31 August 2021
Reports state allegations of deliberate attacks against civilians including shelling, house to house searches & killings, looting & destruction of infrastructure
"The joint investigation by EHRC & UN Human Rights Office into alleged violations committed by all parties to the conflict in Tigray has concluded its field work & the team is currently analysing the full range of information collected."
The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is alarmed by the discovery of a large number of bodies in Chenna Kebele, Dabat Woreda of Gondar on September 07, 2021.
Amhara region - boy በግጭቱ የተጎዱ አካባቢዎች ያለውን ሁኔታ ይመረምራል
Amhara region - boy The Commission has confirmed the identity of the members of the same family who were killed by a reported shelling by TPLF in Debre Tabor, South Gondar Zone on the afternoon of August 19, 2021.