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Leadership & Commissioners

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Daniel Bekele, Dr.

Chief Commissioner

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Rakeb Messele Aberra

Deputy Chief Commissioner

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Meskerem Geset Techane

Commissioner for Women and Children’s Rights

abdi-jibril-ali-dr's Image

Abdi Jibril Ali, Dr.

Commissioner for Civil and Political and Socio-Economic Rights

rigbe-gebrehawaria-hagos's Image

Rigbe Gebrehawaria Hagos

Commissioner for Disability Rights and the Rights of Older Persons

Department Leads

mizanie-abate-tadesse's Image

Mizanie Abate Tadesse, Dr.

Director, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

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Belain Gebremedhin

Director, Disability Rights and the Rights of Older Persons

albab-tesfaye-ayalew's Image

Albab Tesfaye Ayalew

Director, Office of the Chief Commissioner

mebratu-gebeyehu's Image

Mebratu Gebeyehu

Director, Human Rights Education

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Eyerusalem Teshome

Director, Women and Child Rights

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Manyawkal Mekonnen

Director, Civil and Political Rights

mehreteab-gebremeskel-gebregergs's Image

Mehreteab Gebremeskel Gebregergs

Director, Refugees, IDPs and Migrants’ Rights

emad-abdulfetah-tune's Image

Emad AbdulFetah Tune

Regional Director, HR Monitoring and Investigation

mesganaw-mulugeta-assefa's Image

Mesganaw Mulugeta Assefa

Regional Director, HR Monitoring and Investigation

yibekal-gizaw-agonafir's Image

Yibekal Gizaw Agonafir

Regional Director, HR Monitoring and Investigation

hanna-andargachew's Image

Hanna Andargachew

Director, Partnership

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Tarikua Getachew

Director, Law and Policy

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Aaron Maasho

Director, Media and Communications

alemayehu-mesele's Image

Alemayehu Mesele

Director, Finance and Admin

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Luleseged Ayele

Advisor, IT

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Seble Tadesse

Director, Talent Management and Human Resource Services