EHRC delegation paid a visit to the Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of the Philippines (CHRP)
CSOs, EHRC, and human rights defenders should seize this unique opportunity by actively contributing to the transitional justice process and ably representing the interests of victims and affected communities
CSOs and other actors working on human rights in Ethiopia should effectively use the UPR platform to push the human rights agenda in the country
የሦስትዮሽ ትብብሩ የመብት ተሟጋቾች ሊደርስባቸው የሚችለውን ጫና እና እንግልት በጋራ ለመከላከል እና ለመቋቋም ትልቅ ሚና ይኖረዋል
CSOs and legal practitioners working on human rights in Ethiopia should effectively use strategic litigation as one tool to ensure the protection of human rights
የሲቪል ምህዳር ሁኔታ የመከታተያ ዘዴን ለመተግበር የባለሙያዎችን የክትትል አቅም በስልጠና ማጎልበት የክትትል አሠራሮች ዘመናዊ እና ሳይንሳዊ ሥነ-ዘዴዎችን መሠረት ያደረጉ እንዲሆኑ በማድረግ የምህዳሩን ወቅታዊ ሁኔታዎች ለመከታተል ያስችላል
NGOs working on human rights in Ethiopia should endeavour to attain observer status with the African Commission and the Committee, as it is the first and basic step towards improved engagement with regional human rights bodies
It is important to enhance understanding about regional human rights bodies such as the African Court at the domestic level including their mandate, work and how to engage with them