Recalling that the arrest in Addis Ababa on May 26, 2022 of journalist Temesgen Desalegn (Editor, Feteh Magazine) and Yayesew Shimelis (Ethio Forum Media) brings the total of detained journalists and media personnel to 16, Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Chief Commissioner Daniel Bekele said “the arrest of media personnel is particularly alarming because it is contrary to the Media Law and its repercussions extend beyond media space and freedom of expression.”

Adding that prolonged pre-trial detention, non-disclosure of whereabouts, and detention in irregular detention facilities, contrary to the Media Law, aggravates the situation, the Chief Commissioner has called for the immediate release of all media personnel. “No claim about the alleged offence committed through media justifies violation of the newly adopted media law which clearly prohibits pre-trial detention of persons charged with committing an offence through the media” Daniel Bekele said.  The Commission will continue to monitor the situation.