The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) notes as an encouraging step the release over the past few days, including on January 6, 2022, of a number of persons detained in connection with the state of emergency. Persons released include women, older persons, persons with health problems and others released on citation following an investigation.

The Commission calls for similar steps to continue in Addis Ababa and other regions of the country. As provided in the State of Emergency Proclamation and taking into account the impact of emergency situations on human rights, relevant authorities should also regularly reassess its geographic scope and make appropriate adjustments. EHRC urges, in particular, for the swift completion of investigation processes of persons still in detention, including journalists, for the improvement of detention conditions and for families who are unaware of the whereabouts of their members to be informed immediately.  The Commission reiterates that the strict respect for human rights principles in the application of the state of emergency must be guaranteed.

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