The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission unveils the shortlisted entries for the 3rd edition of the Annual Human Rights Film Festival Photography and Short Film Competition. The competition, launched on October 3, 2023, seeks to highlight the significance of human rights through the lens of art. The competition has offered participants a platform to showcase artworks that explore thought-provoking questions about the right to adequate housing and the right to life. Through the power of artistic expression, the competition aimed to illuminate the lived experiences behind the respect for or violation of these rights, stimulate dialogue, raise awareness, and foster a deeper understanding.

The participants’ impressive creativity; passion, and dedication to human rights are inspiring. Their works serve as a powerful testament to how crucial artistic expression is in shaping public discourse, raising awareness, and fostering a deeper understanding of human rights issues.

All entries in all categories will receive due recognition, and winners will be announced during the opening ceremony of the festival.

EHRC would like to express its appreciation for all the participants who submitted their artworks showcasing various human rights issues. The Commission acknowledges the effort and dedication put forth by each participant. After a rigorous evaluation of all the entries, the following shortlisted entries stood out for their exceptional artwork.

The shortlisted entries for the photography competition are:
(The top 10 entries in no particular order)

  • የትንሿ ጎጆ በፍሬሒዎት ግዛው (Firehiwot Gizaw)
  • የቤት ሐሳብ በወጋየሁ በቀለ (Wegayehu Bekele)
  • እናትነት እና ቤት ማጣት በኪሩቤል ስለሺ (Kirubel Sleshi)
  • የቤት እጦት በሳሮን አበራ (Saron Abera)
  • በመንገድ ላይ በኤርሚያስ ደጀኔ (Ermias Dejene)
  • ሁለት ዓለም በእዮብ ፈንታው (Eyob Fentaw)
  • ጎጆ በመቅደላዊት አሰፋ (Mekdelawit Assefa)
  • ዝናብ እና ፀሀይ፤ ብርድና ሙቀት በሰአድ ሙሳ (Sa’ad Mussa)
  • ሰሚ ያጣ ጩኸት በመዓዛ አያሌው (Meaza Ayalew)
  • ጎጆ በአማኑኤል ነገሶ (Amanuel Negeso)

The shortlisted entries for the short film competition are:

Short films category (PROFESSIONAL
(The top 10 entries in no particular order)

  • Hope (ተስፋ) by Bereket Tesfaye (በረከት ተስፋዬ)
  • ወደ ተፈጥሮዓዊነት እንመለስ በስንታየሁ አደም (Sintayehu Adem)
  • ታቡ (Tabu) በአለምእሸት ታደሰ አያኔ እና ተክላይ ገ/ሀና
  • ሕይወት በሊዲያ ደበበ (Lidya Debebe)
  • Qob (ቆብ) በያብስራ ዶጮ (Yabsira Docho)
  • Why? (ለምን?) by Ahmed Abdu (ኣህመድ ኣብዱ)
  • መኖር መብቴ ነው! በዘላለም ባንተይርጉ (Zelalem Banteyirgu)
  • Hiwete (ሕይወቴ) by Nardos Teshome (ናርዶስ ተሾመ)
  • The Other Hero by Habtamu H/Michael (ሀብታሙ ሀይለሚካኤል)
  • #NoMore (#በቃ) by Eyob Ashebir (እዮብ አሸብር)

Short films category (AMATEUR)
(The top 10 entries in no particular order)

  • Hangatu (ሃንጋቱ) by Maruf Enderase (ማሩፍ እንደራሴ)
  • ስለ ሕይወት በዮርዳኖስ ታደሰ (Yordanos Tadesse)
  • ከዲግሪዉ በፊት በአባይ አለማየሁ (Abay Alemayehu)
  • በሕይወት መሞት በነብያት ሰኢድ (Nebiyat Seid)
  • ፍርስራሽ ልቦች በረድኤት ሽባባው (Rediet Shibabaw)
  • ቢሆንልኝ (BIHONLGN) በቤተልሔም ማቴዎስ (Betelihem Matewos)
  • ስለ ሕይወት በአዲሱ ደመቀ (Adisu Demeke)
  • እምኀልዎት (ከመኖር) በኪዳኔ ሀብታሙ (Kidane Habtamu)
  • አይነጋም ወይ በሀና ጌታቸው (Hana Getachew)
  • የፍትህ ሰቆቃ በምትኩ ወዕሌቦ (Mitiku Woelebo)

The festival, organized annually since 2021 to commemorate International Human Rights Day, will take place on December 11, 2023, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This year’s observance holds special significance, marking the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (#UDHR).