The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has been in discussions with local security and administrative authorities in Beninshangul- Gumuz since receiving reports of an attack by armed groups in Emanj Kebele of Bulen Woreda between July 9 and July 10, 2021 that killed at least 16 residents. Reports are that 15 residents were killed in what were reportedly retaliatory attacks on July 10, 2021 during a funeral of a resident of the kebele purportedly killed by the armed group the previous day.

Following reports that on July 15, 2021 an additional eight residents were killed by an armed group in Denbe Kebele, around 4000 residents of the kebele have fled to seek shelter in Minjinga (Belojingafoy) Woreda. The displaced residents have told the Commission that, although gunfire can still be heard near the woreda where they are sheltered, as of the date of the publication of this statement, security forces are yet to reach the area.  EHRC calls for urgent intervention to ensure the protection of persons currently displaced in Minjinga Woreda. In addition to the measures taken on July 10, 2021 to restore calm to Emanj Kebele, it reiterates the importance of bringing perpetrators to justice and to ensure the full protection, security and safety of residents.