The DIHR delegation was joined by representatives from GIZ and the Embassies in Ethiopia of Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom
ስልጠናው የወጣት ማኅበራት አባላት እና አመራሮችን የሰብአዊ መብቶች እውቀት፣ አመለካከት እና ክህሎት በመገንባት በኢትዮጵያ የሰብአዊ መብቶች ሁኔታ ዙሪያ ሰፊ ግንዛቤ እንዲኖራቸው ለማስቻል ያለመ ነው
የተደራጀ የመረጃ ቋት/ዳታቤዝ መኖር አካል ጉዳተኞችና አረጋውያን የሚያጋጥማቸዉን እንቅፋት ለመለየት፤ ሊገጥማቸዉ የሚችሉ መሰናክሎች በማስወገድ ዘላቂ የልማት ግቦችን ለማሳካት ማኅበራዊና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ተጠቃሚነትን ለማረጋገጥ ወሳኝ ነዉ፡፡ በሀገር አቀፍ እና በዓለም አቀፍ ደረጃ ተገቢውን የስታትስቲክስ እና የምርምር መረጃዎችን መሰብሰብ ፖሊሲዎችን ቀርጾ ተግባራዊ ለማድረግ ይረዳል
The event also marks the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, observed each year on March 24 since 2010
To mark International Women’s Day 2022, here is an overview of the Commission’s advocacy messages on women’s rights from March 8, 2021 to March 8, 2022.
The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched a Gender Core Team on March 1, 2022 with the objective of revitalizing already ongoing initiatives of mainstreaming gender in key processes and systems.
The Working Group is an experience sharing platform that brings together National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) in the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) member states