Both our Joint Investigation Report on the Conflict in Tigray and neighbouring regions, and our subsequent  investigation reports and statements on affected areas in Amhara region  have underlined women and girls have been most affected by various acts of violence during the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia. To document the scale of the problem, we are deploying an investigation mission specifically focused on sexual and gender based violence.

On this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Commission underscores  that  building back the lives of women and girls affected by gender based violence during this conflict, including rebuilding the services and facilities for rehabilitating and empowering survivors will require sufficient attention and resources.

The Commission also wishes to place particular emphasis on the need to include the voices of women and girls during all stages of ongoing and planned peacemaking and cessation of hostilities. Women’s and girls’ participation  in these processes involves  recognizing them as equal and indispensable actors  in the design and implementation of solutions in the rebuilding process and elimination of violence.

Meskerem Geset
Women’s and Children’s Rights
Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)