States Parties shall take all appropriate measures with a view to achieving the full realization of every child’s right to education and shall in particular take measures to encourage regular attendance at schools and the reduction of drop-out rate
አባል ሀገራት የሕፃናትን የመማር መብት ሙሉ በሙሉ እውን ለማድረግ ሁሉንም ተገቢ እርምጃዎች ይወስዳሉ። በተለይም በትምህርት ቤት ተገኝቶ ትምህርትን በቋሚነት መከታተልን ለማበረታታት እንዲሁም የተማሪዎችን ትምህርት የማቋረጥ ምጣኔ ለመቀነስ እርምጃዎችን መውሰድ አለባቸው
A child who is mentally or physically disabled shall have the right to special measures of protection in keeping with his physical and moral needs and under conditions which ensure his dignity and promote his self-reliance and active participation in the community
ወጣት አጥፊዎች በማረሚያ ወይም በመቋቋሚያ ተቋሞች ከአዋቂዎች ተለይተው መያዝ አለባቸው
Juvenile offenders admitted to corrective or rehabilitative institutions shall be kept separate from adults