Agency for Refugees and Returnees Affairs to widen assisted urban status to some Eritrean refugees residing in Mai Ayni and Adi Harush camps
Unlawful incidents and arrests which have intensified particularly since 29 June, 2021
Appointments in line with recently amended EHRC establishment Proclamation No. 1224/2020, followed public nomination process through independent nomination committee which included the participation of civil society representatives
EHRC calls for nationwide policies and efforts of recovery and rehabilitation of post-conflict areas to be child-centred
EHRC Chief Commissioner, team visit detention facility at Federal Police Commission Criminal Investigation Bureau to monitor conditions, treatment of detainees
EHRC study finds women taking part in elections face various forms of psychological, physical, economic and sexual violence
EHRC visits Kaliti Correctional Facility to monitor conditions of detention of Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba, Hamza Adane (Borena), Shemsedin Taha
Crimes against humanity committed by individual, groups in violence and security crisis
Violence, security crisis swept through region between June 29-July 2, 2020
EHRC recommendations pertain to safety, security of civilians & overall risk of human rights abuses