EHRC’s call for building on the  recent developments towards a sustainable political solution and peace, restoration of  basic services, rehabilitation of victims and affected areas in Afar, Amhara and Tigray as  well as accountability measures for justice
Women’s empowerment must be inclusive of women with disabilities and elderly women
“Although our Commission will be missing one of its dedicated right hands, we are confident of Belain Gebremedhin’s invaluable contribution to the newly established institution both as a human rights expert and as an avid advocate for persons with disability and older persons.”
“As of February 16, 2020, some 920 households are said to have reached Semera where they are seeking protection and humanitarian assistance."
"The release of several detainees since yesterday was a step in the right direction but we remain concerned about unlawful detentions after the lifting of the State of Emergency"
In Ethiopia persons affected by leprosy and their families face multiple forms of discrimination and are exposed to severe social, economic and psychological pressure due to misconceptions and lack of understandings.
Persons released include women, older persons, persons with health problems and others released on citation following an investigation.
Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Public Statement | December 16, 2021
ኮሚሽኑ አያይዞም የአስቸኳይ ግዜ አዋጁ የሰብአዊ መብቶችን መርሆች ባከበረ መልኩ መተግበሩን የሚመለከታቸው አካላት በቅርብ ሊከታተሉ እና ሊያረጋግጡ እንደሚገባ ያስተላለፈውን ጥሪ በድጋሚ አስታውሷል።
The Commission also reiterates that the relevant authorities should closely monitor that the state of emergency proclamation is implemented in a manner that strictly adheres to human rights principles.