On African Day for the Protection of Persons in Pre-trial Detention, EHRC reiterates call for improvement of conditions of pre-trial detention, robust nationwide review of process and facilities of detention
የኢትዮጵያ ሰብአዊ መብቶች ኮሚሽን (ኢሰመኮ) በቤኒንሻንጉል ጉምዝ ክልል፣ ከማሺ ዞን የሚገኘውና ከሃያ አምስት ሺህ በላይ ነዋሪዎች የሚገኙበት የሴዳል ወረዳ ሙሉ በሙሉ...
ከተጎበኙት ቦታዎች በጅግጅጋ ካውንስል ፖሊስ መምሪያ ሃቫና የተጠርጣሪዎች ማቆያ እና በ 04 ቀበሌ አቅራቢያ የካውንስሉ ማቆያ የተጠርጣሪዎች አያያዝ እጅግ አሳሳቢ ነው
Widespread human rights violations constitute grave contraventions of applicable international and human rights laws and principles
የኢትዮጵያ ሰብአዊ መብቶች ኮሚሽን (ኢሰመኮ) ዋና ኮሚሽነር ዶ/ር ዳንኤል በቀለ እና የኮሚሽኑ ከፍተኛ ባለሙያዎች በፌዴራል ፖሊስ ኮሚሽን የወንጀል ምርመራ ቢሮ በሚገኘው...
EHRC Chief Commissioner, team visit detention facility at Federal Police Commission Criminal Investigation Bureau to monitor conditions, treatment of detainees
የኢትዮጵያ ሰብአዊ መብቶች ኮሚሽን (ኢሰመኮ) “መታገልን እንምረጥ” ወይም “Choose to  Challenge” በሚል መሪ ቃል የሚከበረውን የ2013 ዓ.ም. ዓለምአቀፍ የሴቶች ቀን በማስመልከት...
EHRC study finds women taking part in elections face various forms of psychological, physical, economic and sexual violence
While EHRC has not finalized investigation, preliminary findings indicate killing of civilians in Axum in retaliation for earlier attack by TPLF soldiers
National elections, due in June 2021, provides opportunity to take important measures that will help address complex human rights issues